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NAYELLE’s Frequently Asked Questions!

1. Are NAYELLE products suitable for someone with sensitive skin? 

Yes, NAYELLE’s products were developed to provide the highest level of efficacy even for the most sensitive skin types.  All NAYELLE products have been tested by dermatologists for irritation & sensitivity, and were approved to be effective for sensitive skin types.

2. How do you make NAYELLE products?

Our 1st step is to take our Bio-active complex, nutrient rich ingredients and ferment them as it’s the only way to achieve true improvements. Then the next step is to “condition” these Probiotic natural ingredients. This step is essential to ensure that when you put NAYELLE product on your skin, it will be absorbed at a deep cellular level and bring you real results. Quality ingredients in proper ratio-formulated Probiotic technology is the only way to guarantee effectiveness.

3. Why is probiotic skincare the best choice for your skin?

“Simply said – because it is the way nature works. Human bodies are intelligent and if you provide them with proper ingredients they can take care of themselves. The skin is our largest organ and the only one you can feed directly…so why would you feed it processed canned food, instead of raw organic “full of life” fresh food? Probiotics are complex, full spectrum food for your skin that cannot be imitated or substituted... It’s the difference between eating processed canned, shelf food – versus – organic, live fresh food!”

 ~ Peter Jurkemik, CEO and Chief BioChemist

4. What is your Return Policy?

NAYELLE provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t LOVE your product please contact customer service within 30 days of receiving your order for a full refund, less the cost of shipping. We pride ourselves on providing quality products & quality service. We want to ensure you are completely happy about every aspect of your experience with NAYELLE!

5. How do I contact a Customer Service Representative at NAYELLE?

Customer service is open 24 hours, 5 days/ week, excluding holidays. Please call 1 (888) 410-3072, for a live customer service agent or email info@nayelle.com. We are always happy to help!

6. I love the products so much! How can I sell NAYELLE products?

We are happy to partner with trusted affiliates as well as wholesalers & spas. Please click on the links to learn more.

7. Where are NAYELLE’s products manufactured?

NAYELLE is a Canadian owned and operated company. We manufacture and source all of our ingredients from British Columbia, Canada. We are truly proud to be Canadian! Our head quarters is located in West Vancouver, BC, Canada.

8. Where can I buy NAYELLE?

NAYELLE is currently available online through NAYELLE.com, Amazon.com & Amazon.ca. Happy Shopping!

9. How long will it take to see the benefits from using NAYELLE products?

Our test study participants reported smoother skin, increased hydration, and reduction in fine lines within 2-4 weeks.

10. Are NAYELLE products non-comedogenic, or will they clog my pores?

NAYELLE’s products are non-comedogenic formulations and will not clog your pores. The Goat Milk Kefir contains AHA (Alpha Hydroxyl Acid) that gently removes dead skin cells further helping to clear your pores.

11. Do NAYELLE products contain sunscreen?

They contain some sunscreen via the Oceanic glacial clay, but applying additional sunscreen is always recommended.

12. What is the processing time for a typical order?

Online orders process in about 30 minutes. Shipping will commence within 1 business day of receiving the order.

13. What are the delivery times for a typical order?

Delivery times can vary. If you are located in the US we ship from our warehouse in Bloomington, LA, USA. If you are in Canada, we ship from our warehouse in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

14. Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally and charge a flat rate of $9.99 US dollars.

Should you have any additional questions, please contact us through customer service. Customer Service is open 24 hours, 5 days/ week, excluding holidays. Please call 1 (888) 410-3072, for a live customer service representative or email info@nayelle.com We are always happy to help!